Friday 10 August 2012

Watermelon Dosa

Who dosen't love the sweet cool watermelon ? The sight of red watemelon slices makes my mouth water. I simply love the chilled watermelon. Its a delight in summer season. Mostly people eat the red part and discard the rest of it . But we usually eat the red part and the white part just before the rind of watermelon is used for making dosas or thalipits . I prepare sweet as well as savoury version of these dosas. Today I am posting the savoury dosas that are very delicious to eat.

Ingredients :

1 small - watermelon
3 cups - rice
3 to 4 - chopped green chillies
finely cut coriander leaves

Method :

  Soak rice in water overnight.
  After slicing out the red part , slice the white part separately and keep.

Grind the rice along with this white part .
Keep it to ferment for 4 to 6 hours .
Add salt, chopped chillies, cut coriander leaves and mix well.
Add water to make it to dosa batter consistency.
Smear oil on a non - stick tawa and make dosas.
They are trully delicious with home made butter and green chutney.

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  1. Hi Nayana, first time here, you are having such a lovely space here, happy to follow you, when u get free time visit my space too....
    lovely dosa, truely innovative dear...

  2. Wow 1 st time heard watermelon dosa!!! Very innovative idea !!! Yummyyyy :) Thank u for your kind words on passing award to me dear. I ll post it very soon dear :)

  3. Unique one,very innovative,looks super yum

  4. Wow... Very this!

  5. Different dosa. Looks yummy.

    Event: Rice

  6. Yummy dosa...


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