Saturday, 25 August 2012

Kothimbir Wadi

The very mention of these kothimbir wadis makes my mouth water. These wadis made with coriander leaves are yummy , soft and they simply melt in your mouth. On a rainy day its just divine to have a cup of hot tea and these hot fried kothimbir wadis . 

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Ingredients :

1 bunch.........coriander leaves
15 to 20 ..........garlic flakes
7 chillies
3 cups ......................besan
2 tsp ...............turmeric powder
salt as needed
oil to fry

Method :

                            Grind garlic and chillies to paste.
           Clean the coriander leaves , wash and chop them finely.

           Add the garlic chilly paste, cut coriander leaves, besan ,    
                                turmeric pd, salt and water.

                         Make a batter thinner than the dosa batter.
                     Heat a kadhai add little oil and add the batter .

Keep on stirring on the low flame till the mixture thickens and starts leaving sides.

             In the meanwhile apply oil on a plate and keep aside.

      When the mixture is quite thick put it on the greased plate and                
                                                                   spread it.

                  When cooled cut into squares and deep fry in oil.

                     They taste simply delicious with ketchup .

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  1. very interesting snack :)

  2. The same way we made, but instead of besan we use chana dal. You made it very perfectly.

  3. Super inviting dear..Rush your delights for Fast Food Event Noodles

  4. Thanks for visiting Foodomania, Nayana! :) Just looking around your blog now and I love your recipes! So many of them.. following you now! :)

  5. lovely snack...looks very inviting...thanks for sharing!!

  6. mmmmmmmmmm........ amazing and delicious kothimbir wadi.

  7. hmm. very nice. new
    to me. sounds like dhokla..

  8. looks so yummy....i'd love to taste it