Friday, 10 August 2012

Choco Cappuchino Mousse

Yesterday was a time for celebration in our family. The month of August itself is the month to celebrate as all three important men in my family are August born. My son, my husband and my FIL and precisely in the same sequence . My son is a chocoholic.He loves all his desserts mroe if they are in chocolate flavour, so yesterday for my son's birthday I had prepared this yummy desert. This mousse can be set in individual bowls or cups. As my son wanted to cut it I set it in a loose bottomed cake tin.

Ingredients :

For the base :

6 to 8......... Marie biscuits
2 to 3 tbsp.....Cornflakes
2 tbsp...........instant coffee powder
25 gm ........... chocolate slab

For the filling :

1 cup ............milk
50 gm ..............unflavoured china grass or agar agar
2 tbsp ..............custard powder
2 tbsp..............instant coffee powder
50 gm .............chocolate slab
100 gm .........Fresh cream

For garnishing :

Curls of white and dark chocolate  ( peel the slab with peeler)

Method :

The Base :

Roast the cornflakes on medium flame and crush them .
Melt the chocolate and mix crushed cornflakes, crushed marie biscuits and coffee powder.
If needed add very little milk and press the mixture at the bottom of the tin or bowls if you are using that.
Keep the tin in fridge so that the base becomes firm.

The Filling :

Heat 2 to 3 tbsp water and melt chinagrass in it.
Mix milk with custard powder and make custard by double boiler method.
Take care not to form lumps in the custard .
Melt chocolate on low flame , add coffee powder and mix this in custard .
Add to it the chinagrass solution and let the mixture cool down a bit .
In the meanwhile whip the chilled  fresh cream  till peaks form on it .
Fold it carefully in the custard mixture which should have cooled by noe.
Or else the cream will curdle.
Pour this mixture on the tin and again refridgerate it for 5 to 6 hours or till firm like a jelly.

Garnishing :

Decorate the mousse with the chocolate curls.

Linking this desert to Srivalli's event   kids-delight hosted by Vaishali of ribbonstopastas


  1. Belated B'day wishes to your little prince. It look so impressive,love the flavor,divine.

  2. This is the first post of my first event..and I absolutely loved the dessert looks awsum.Thank you!!..belated wishes to all the Men!!..Do link back the post to respective participate in the giveaway:)