Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Patoli ( Steamed stuff pancakes)

I feel nostalgic about certain dishes . Patoli is one such dish . This is a very traditional sweet made by using fresh turmeric leaves that come in the market during monsoons.  The leaves are smeared with ground rice paste and stuffed with sweet coconut jaggery filling . They are then steamed . The resulting dish is very very delicious and tasty. Turmeric leaves  lend a very unique flavour to the dish .

Ingredients :

3 cups ............rice
1 .............. fresh grated coconut
1 ............. cut jaggery
15 to 20 .............fresh broad turmeric leaves (haldi panna)
1 tsp ............. crushed cardamom seeds

Method :

                                              Soak rice in water overnight.
                         Grind the rice into very smooth paste and keep aside.

   In a kadhai add some ghee and roast the coconut for 5 minutes add jaggery.

      Let the jaggery melt , cook the coconut jaggey mixture till it is little sticky.
                                   Add cardamom powder and keep aside.

                                     Wash and wipe the turmeric leaves.
                                                 Cut little at both the ends.

             Mix little oil with water and smear one side of the leaves with this.
                                Then spread a thin layer of ground rice paste.

                           Sprinkle the cooked coconut jaggery mixture on it.

                                              Fold the leaves into half.

                       Steam in a idli maker or a pressure cooker without the 

                                         pressure for 15 to 20 minutes.

                            Separate from the leaf and serve hot with ghee.

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  1. Very new to me. Superb recipe. Tasty and delicious.

  2. Unique recipe,never tried this before,healthy treat.

  3. Omg, Nayana, cant take my eyes from ur clicks, those pancakes are seriously irresistible.

    Btw regarding your q'n about Indian cooking challenge, pls do send a mail to Srivalli will contact you regarding this.Hope this helps;

    1. Thanks for those words of inspiration . and thanks again for assisting me for ICC. I have sent a mail to Srivalli

  4. wow... perfect pancakes.. we make the exact same recipe with banana leaves. turmeric leaf will add a different taste i guess. never tried it

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  5. WOW...So perfect pancakes, sounds so delicious...well made n detailed pictorials...Thanks for sending it to HITS series...
    Thanks for introducing me to your new lovely space...happy to be your follower:)

  6. mouthwatering , thanks for sending it to my event and using the logo

  7. Looks terrific. Thx for linking.

    Event: Rice

  8. Wow!! interesting..This dish is totally new for me.. first time here ur recipe collection is really nice..glad to follow u....

  9. Wow, very unique recipe. I would love to try it but not sure if I can find turmeric leaves here in Canada. Any substitute for turmeric leaves ? Thanks for bringing this to my Virtual Eid Potluck Party. I'm sure the guests will love it too :)

    1. Sadaf ,

      you can use banana leaves as a substitute. Turmeric leaves have a unique aroma which it lends to this dish. But even banana leaves will do.

  10. Nayana; this is similar to our Ela ada; the difference is that we do not roast the coconut and we use banana leaves. Would love to try this recipe; might have to wait to travel to India for the turmeric leaves.