Tuesday 14 August 2012

Til ani Gulacha Ale Paak ( Sesame Ginger Barfi )

When I came to know that  Kalyani's  magic mingle ingredients for this month are Sesame and Jaggery all I could think was Sesame chikki and Til laddoos . But since I wanted to try something different I decided on the good old Ale Paak or (Ginger Barfi) and thought of adding our versatile sesame seeds to it. The result was this delicious soft chewy chikki . To add to the nutritional value I have also used Oats.


1 small bowl ..........Sesame seeds(til)
1 small bowl............ Oats
3 inch .....................ginger piece
3/4 bowl .................cut jaggery

Method :

Dry  roast sesame seeds till they start spluttering                                      Dry roast oats for 10 minutes.                 


Let both sesame and oats cool down a bit .
In a grinder first add grated ginger , grind for 5 secs then gradually
go on adding oats and sesame to make a coarse mixture.
In a kadhai put a tsp of ghee and add cut jaggery add 1 tsp water
make a jaggery syrup.
When the syrup starts boiling put one drop of syrup in bowl with
 cold water.
The drop should harden up to form a ball.
When you reach this consistency add the ground mixture and mix well.

Spread it on a greased plate and cut into desired shapes when still warm.
This chikki remains little soft and chewy due to addition of oats.

Sending this to Kalyani's  magic-mingle-8-challenge


  1. Very delicious and tasty sweet.

  2. this looks awesome.. am sure the ginger adds a nice touch to this

  3. Adding ginger to this burfi is new to me and would give a unique flavor.. will try soon. Happy to join you... I am not able to view you in my google friends connect. Do check it out and follow me when u find time. Thanks...

  4. wow a great combo - till and ginger YUM!


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