Thursday, 26 July 2012

Rajma Cheese Stuffed Paratha

These protein rich Parathas are equally yummy and filling. You can totally avoid the cheese if you don't want it. But the addition of cheese does make a very big difference in taste.

Ingredients :

For the paratha :
Wheat flour

For the filling :
Rajma 1 cup
Chopped Onion - 2
Chopped Tomatoes - 2
Chopped pudina - 4 tbsp
1tbsp ginger garlic paste
2 tsp garam masala
chilli pd
turmeric pd
Grated cheese

Method :

Soak Rajma for 6 hours and pressure cook till soft.
Knead a dough with wheat flour salt and water.
Heat oil in a kadhai and add chopped onions.
When onions are soft add tomatoes, chilli pd, haldi and garam masala.
When cooked add rajma,half mash it and add salt .
Remove from fire and mix chopped pudina and mix well.

Now make a thick roti  of the dough .
Spread the mash on half the roti sprinkle some grated cheese.
Fold the roti into half and little from below.
Make parathas on tawa by smearing ghee on both the sides.
Serve them hot with bundi ka raita and pickle.


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