Sunday, 14 April 2013

Mango Cheese Cake ( Baking Partners Challenge )

Mango Cheese Cake is a heavenly dessert. The yummy cheese cake combined with the king of fruits - Mango makes a killer combo.

Though making it in a loose bottom pan is ideal I made it in muffin pan as I didnt have the spring bottom pan and the mini cheese cakes were true beauties.

Yes Mango Cheese cake was the challenge for this months Baking Partners  a group started by my blogger friend  Swathi of .zestysouthindiankitchen.

Since I  had made some other cheesecake varieties  earlier I did not have much trouble in making this one but earlier I  had used fresh cream along with the strained yogurt. This recipe though did not have the fresh cream turned out very soft and moist. Use of china grass instead of gelatin which I otherwise use was also a major change. Would love to try other variations in future with these basic changes.

The detailed explaination of the recipe ensured that I didnt go wrong anywhere.

Thanks to the Baking Partners Group for letting me experiment with my favourite cheesecake recipe.

Idea taken from : divinetaste suggested by  Swetha of tastycurryleaf

Ingredients :

For Crust :

1 cup ...............Digestive biscuits ( Crushed)
3 tbsp...............butter (salted)

For Filling :

1 cup...................Cottage cheese (paneer)
1 1/2 cup.............full cream yogurt
1/2 cup ...............sugar
1 puree
1tsp................vanilla essence
15 gms ...........china grass

For Glaze

1/2 cup puree
1tbsp...............lemon juice

Method :

For Crust :

Take a muffin pan and place the paper cups on it.
Mix butter and crushed biscuits and press at the bottom of the paper cups.
Keep in fridge for about half an hour or till firm.

Filling :

4 to 5 hours before making the crust tie the full cream yogurt in a cheese cloth to strain water.
Blend this  strainded yogurt and paneer (cottage cheese) together in a blender.
In 1/2 cup warm water add china grass and dissove it completely in water.
Heat mango puree in a pan taking care not to boil and add the warm china grass mixture to it.
Mix well and add blended yogurt  and paneer mixture.
Add sugar and vanilla essence and  mix well .
Now add this mixture to all the paper cups on the crust and again
keep in the fridge till set ( for 3 to 4 hours).


Heat mago pulp along with sugar, water and lemon juice till it thickens and looks glossy.
Cool it completely and add on top of the set cheese mixture and again put in fridge for an hour or till set .
While serving remove the paper cups slowly and serve chilled.

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  1. The mini cheesecakes look really cute...very nicely made

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  4. Looks really delicious!! :)

  5. this is my next post dear...ur looks perfect

  6. Mini cheesecakes are lovely - loved ur idea of doing it in cup cake moulds

  7. very very nice one n cute look... n thanks for participating on our SYS-W Series...

  8. Cute and very attractive mini cheesecakes,loving it.

  9. I have been seeing a few of the same type of dessert and its my fav. Mango is my fav and this is so heavenly.

  10. loved the individual serving ,yummy!!

  11. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments.....

  12. Cute and inviting,love mango cheesecake.

  13. Very beautiful! They sure look so perfectly done!

  14. They are so cute, I love them individual size!

  15. Delicious cute, I like that you did individual serving. Yumm.

    1. Thnks Swathi , the fact that I did not have a loose spring bottom pan made me do this.
      Sometimes such challenges and drawbacks make us more creative...

  16. Love the idea of making cheesecakes in muffin pan.. Looks so yummy!

  17. beautiful love the cupcake mould in it. So good


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