Friday, 8 November 2013

Gavsalli ( Wheat rotis stuffed with rice balls)

Today for the Srivalli's   Cooking from Cookbook Challenge (CCC)  I chose this recipe from a Marathi cookbook  " Draupadichi Thali " .

This paratha recipe is very versatile and though the original recipe calls for wheat flour and rice flour , I have successfully tried it with many other flours like Ragi, Bajra and Jowar in place of rice. The outer cover though should be of wheat only as it gives the needed elasticity to roll the paratha.

This way you can include these healthy cereals in your daily meals. This paratha though looks plain is very soft and goes very well with any veg or non veg gravy . It also tastes yummy with aamras or basundi.

Ingredients :

2 cups.....................wheat flour
2 cup......................rice flour
2 cup.......................water

Method :

Knead a soft but firm dough with the wheat flour, salt and water and keep aside.

Heat 2 cup water in a pan and let it come to boil.

Add to it little salt , 1 /2 tsp oil and the rice flour.

Stir with a spoon so that the rice flour mixes with the hot water.

Cover the pan with a lid and switch off the gas.

After about half an hour knead this rice to form a soft ball.

Make 8 to 10 balls of the wheat dough and the same number of balls with the rice dough.

Now on a roller roll the wheat ball to the size of a small puri and keep the rice ball on it.

Cover the rice ball with the puri completely and now again roll into the shape of a  roti.

Cook it on a tawa on both side as you would normally do for a roti.

These gavsallis can be had with any gravy.

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  1. Very interesting and healthy rotis...

  2. I haven't seen this before,they are quite interesting :)

  3. wow very interesting... will try soon...

  4. innovative and interestingly new recipe.

  5. Very new to me.Must try it sometime soon :)

  6. Such a interesting roti! Wondering how it would taste...Should be pretty heavy as well...Nice recipe :)

  7. That looks so different from the usual routines but double the work. I would love to try it someday

  8. very interesting and completely new.. will try soon

  9. Thats really very interesting and new rotis for me..

  10. That's totally new, never heard of this roti..will have to read more..thanks for introducing to us nayana..:)

  11. That is an interesting recipe. Never heard of rice balls stuffed roties. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  12. very interesting recipe never heard the name gavsalli very nice one.

  13. Totally new to me! Lovely idea..I guess we can used leftover rice as well.

    1. Hi Harini, glad you loved the idea, as for the leftover rice never tried stuffing it but I do make rotis with leftover rice . I just mash the leftover rice and add whear flour and knead a dough and then roll rotis as usual . they are called Mugadi in Marathi will try to post the recipe soon.....

  14. Very interesting rotis. Love the idea of stuffing the rotis with different flours. Will definitely try these out soon.

  15. Very interesting and filling rotis dear, love the stuffing done... thanks a lot for linking it to the cws event waiting for more delicious entries...

  16. Very new to me...looks very nice

  17. I should try this...gr8 idea...thanks for linking it


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