Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Ginger Melon Punch ( For Potluck Cyberstyle )

Can you imagine the world without parties ? Hosting and attending parties is almost an inevitable part of us. Man is a social animal and we strive to share our experiences good or bad with others. Partying helps us do that effortlessly.

So when Jagruti  announced an event called  potluck-party-cyber-style I was super excited and immediately wanted to be a part of it. Its a very interesting event and you can visit her place for more details of the event.

What is a party without food ??  And a  good party always starts with a welcome drink and proceeds to starters, main course and ofcourse last but not least , ending with a dessert. Since this is the first month of the event I too have decided to start this Pot Luck party with a fruit punch to welcome all my dear blogger friends.
So welcome everyone to the party with this lovely melon  punch. Hope you all love it and send me your valuable comments .

Ingredients :

1 small ......................Watermelon
2 bottles.....................Gingerale
sugar (if needed)

Method :

Cut the watermelon into half and scoop out small balls ( about 1/2 cup )with a fruit scooper.
Cut the remaining melon into cubes and remove the seeds.
Grind it in the grinder and add squeezed juice of lemon to it.
Now chill it thoroughly in the fridge.
While serving add half the melon juice and half chilled gingerale .
Top each glass with icy melon balls and serve garnished with mint leaves and lemon slices.

This is my entry for the :

Potluck Cyberstyle

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celebrate summer  at  nivedhanams




  1. Delicious and refreshing! :)

  2. Nice refreshing drink...Perfect for party...

  3. Inviting color !! Looks quite refreshing :)

  4. Very interesting summer cooler..

  5. perfect for the season... superb cooler....

  6. very refreshing and like this combo..

  7. Thank you all for lovely comments.....

  8. Cooling and refreshing cooler for summer..our weatherman told us that w are going to have some sunshine this week..:) thnx for sending

  9. refreshing drink..have started following you and you have great collection of recipes,When your free plz drop into my space and will be encrouging if you follow my space...Thanks

  10. Refresing drink..thanks for sending it to my event. Keep linking.


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