Wednesday 13 November 2013

Moong Daal - N - Ragi Dosa ( For World Diabetes Day )

When Swathi from zestysouthindiankitchen  told us about her idea of writing a post on Diabetes to help us know more about this disease I was very happy .

I think today no one is unaware of the disasters of Diabetes. Though it looks harmless it  has become so common that at least one member in our immediate family nowadays suffers from it . The most common Diabetes is Type 2 - Diabetes which is caused when the body is unable to prepare sufficient insulin which is important to maintain the normal blood sugar level. This type of Diabetes can be kept under control if proper diet and exercise routine is maintained.

One of best exercises for diabetic people is to walk . Many people also control this disease through proper diet without any medication and that should be our motive, i. e . to fight the disease with self control and will power. When people hear the word diet they get scared and think of all the dishes which are tasteless and sugar less but in fact with proper knowledge and little innovativeness we all can make our food tasty yummy and healthy too. For that we need to make little changes in our kitchen routine.

Today I have made our favourite dosas with moong daal , ragi flour and methi seeds. The chutney too is made with addition  of roasted chana daal there by reducing the amount of coconut used . But the taste remains same. They are not only super delicous but we all , as well as diabetic patients can have them without any guilt. So you need not make separate dishes for diabetic people and make them feel that they are left out . Let's all make efforts to create such recipes which are healthy and at the same time tasty too so that everyone can lead a trouble free life.

Thanks Swathi for giving me this lovely opportunity to help others by creating awareness.

Ingredients :

1 cup ..................moong daal ( soaked for 6 hours)
1 cup....................ragi flour
2 tbsp....................methi  seeds ( fenugreek )(soaked for 6 hours)

Chutney : 

4 tbsp................grated fresh coconut
4 tbsp................ roasted chana daal
4 to 5 ................garlic cloves
3 to 4................dry red chillies

Method :

Grind all the ingredients given under Chutney to a rough consistency and keep aside.

Grind the moong daal along with methi seeds to a smooth paste.

Add the ragi flour and add enough water to make a batter.

The batter should not be very thick and should be of pouring consistency.

Heat a non stick pan and make thin crispy dosas by spreading the batter.

You can use little or no oil at all.

Make all the dosas.

Serve hot with chutney.



  1. Looks healthy with out loosing the flavor of Dosa!

  2. Thanks Nayana for joining me in creating awareness on Diabetes on this world diabetes day. Delicious and healthy recipe,

  3. very delicious combo and yummy looking dosa dear :)

  4. Delicious indeed...


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