Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mysore Paak - Celebration post for SNC Challenge

Last year when I first read about Divya's North And South Challenge I was in two minds . This wonderful group was started by a dear friend Divya Pramil  . She was one of the first few persons with whom I really became comfortable because of her friendly and helpful nature. But whether to be a part of the team or no was a very confusing decision . Because I thought that some months I may not be able to do the dish that is asked due to my other commitments . But then after two months I became a member of this group and since then enjoyed myself a lot.

 I feel very proud to be the member of this group as this is the first group which I joined after entering this blogging world , so obviously SNC  group is very close to my heart.

And now as the group has completed one year successfully I am celebrating its birthday by a very popular south sweet Mysore Paak though I too am from the south team. But then who can resist making this lovely melt in the mouth sweet.

It turned out to be superbly delicious but it hardened immediately, whereas I like the soft version.

Ingredients :

1 cup .....................besan
1/2 cup..................oil
3/4 cup ...................ghee
1 cup .......................sugar
1/2 cup.....................water

Method :

First grease a plate with ghee and keep it ready.

Mix besan and oil and keep aside.

In the mean while heat ghee .

Heat sugar and water, let it boil and thicken.

Test the two string consistency with your fingers or put little syrup in cold water.

It should not dissolve .

Add the besan oil mixture and keep stirring without stopping.

Go on adding a laddle of hot ghee to this mixture every 1 minute.

The ghee as soon as put should sizzle .(It should be that hot)

As soon as the mixture starts leaving the sides immediately put it on a greased plate.

This ensures that you get a soft texture.

Do not go on stirring after it starts leaving sides this may give you hard mysore pak.

Within 1 minute start cutting in desired shapes as it hardens immediately.

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