Friday, 8 November 2013

Papad Canapes

Right now Diwali the most popular festival is being celebrated all over India as well as in the world with full excitement and vigour and so the days of feasting and partying are still not over.  For one such party at my place I made these papad canapes ( we call them masala papad and they are very popular in all restaurants in India ).

This time I planned to make them for the Groovy Gourmets as for this month we had decided to make any variety of canapes.

 Canapes are actually small bite sized food. The base can be anything from toasted bread  or cut cucumbers or tomatoes or salty biscuits . This base is then topped with any interesting topping like cream cheese, cut veggies or fruits , chutneys or sauces. These canapes are served with drinks as starters or they will also go very well as snacks during tea party  and will be a hit due to there tastyness and ease to make. 

Since I was making papad canapes , I decided to cut the papads into bite sized squares . They are yummy and tasty and the crunchy papads go very well with almost any topping. So go ahead and try many more exciting combinations during this Diwali.

Ingredients :

5 to 6 ......................Papads ( preferably frying variety)
1.............................onion ( finely chopped )
4 tbsp...................capsicum ( finely chopped )
4 tbsp................... paneer crumbled ( cottage cheese )
1 chilly ( finly chopped)
tomato ketchup
pepper powder

Method :

Crumble the paneer roughly and add chopped chilly.

Add sugar , salt and pepper powder as per your liking.

Mix well and keep aside.

Now cut the papads into small bite size pieces .

Deep fry them till they puff up.

Arrange them on a plate and put a tsp of paneer crumble on each fried piece.

Also put some onion and capsicum .

Put a dot of tomato ketchup.

Your easy, delicious canapes are ready for the party.

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  1. Just the right thing for a party.. love these.. yes, starting an indian restaurant meal with these papads is just awesome

  2. Lovely perfect snack variety,,you have got a nice space c,happy to follow you,would be glad if you follow me back!

  3. Guilt free canapes, they looks so cute.

  4. perfect, healthy and delicious canapes :) very yummy snack !!


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