Sunday, 12 May 2013

Ice Apples and Mango Smoothie

Ice Apples or the Palm Fruit is known as Tadgole in Marathi. These are seasonal and are found only during summner season. They taste a lot like the malai of the tender coconut and have cooling qualities.

                                                          Skinned Ice Apples (Tadgole )

I love this fruit and often like to have it combined with the mango. See one more simple yet delicious
 recipe of tadgole and mango here.

Whenever I make this smoothie I remember my childhood . When kids we were not aware of all the fancy and yummy desserts like  tiramisu or pannacotta but still the childhood evokes nostalgic memories of certain seasonal fruits and dishes which I immensely miss. This dish is one of them .

This smoothie that I have made today with tadgole and mangoes is very tasty and easy to make. 
Chilled smoothie with some mint leaves  satisfies and refreshes you in this summer heat . Enjoy it chilled .

Ingredients :

3 to 4 ....................Tadgole ( Ice Apples)
2 ............................mangoes ( pulped)
10 to 15 ..................fresh mint leaves
sugar if needed
ice cubes

 Method :

Wash and remove the skin of ice apples carefully.
(They are very tender and the water inside may ooze out).
Grind every thing except the ice cubes.
Add water if the smoothie is too thick.
Serve chilled topped with ice cubes.


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  1. Refreshing cooling drink..............

  2. The ice apples are new to me yet I am loving the fruit and mango together as a drink. So good and refreshing of the heat wave we are facing now.

  3. Looks very refreshing and love Ice apples...

  4. very refreshing and healthy combo...

  5. wow now that is mouth watering :-)

  6. oh my u made me nostalgic with this tadgola
    i totally forgot about this and yrs back my dad used to get these in summer
    the tadgolas have high quantity of water and easily quenches the thirst
    the combo u have made is amazing

  7. Wow! looks very refreshing..

  8. Looks yuumy and healthy !!! Love the colour of the smoothie :)
    Badami murg

  9. nungu and mango :) wow thats an interesting combo..

  10. Cool and refreshing smoothie !

  11. thats an interesting combo and smoothie looks Refreshing :)

  12. fabulous ice apples a lot

  13. Its Different :-? never tot of this combo ever

  14. Ooo Nayana love the palm fruit why did u show it to me ??Nostalgia hitting me :))

  15. Totaly amazing...Love love love it

  16. Awesome Summer coolers thanks for sharing this with my Fooabulous Fest event.
    Ongoing events on Simply Tadka

    Winner's Choice Giveaway

  17. such a summer cooler... love to eat it as is... and in drinks... - it is so soothing... Thanks for sending this yummy recipe to my event.. Looking for more yummy recipes...

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    Event - Kid's delight - Sweet Treats
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