Monday, 24 June 2013

Gajar - Dudhi Icecream ( Carrot - Bottle Gourd Icecream )

We all love ice - creams but at times are hesistant to enjoy it due to its sugary content and high calories . But what if you a get a healthy ice - cream which along with satistying your taste buds , works wonders for your body too. Definitely all will crave for such a treat, and you can give it to your kids also regularly.

In this vegetable  ice - cream I also  havent thickened the milk as thickening milk makes it less nutritious and deprives it of the calcium and protiens which also burn out during the process. Instead I have used milk powder and fresh cream ( not store bought ) but the one which collects over the boiled milk at home.

Also you can try this ice cream with other vegetables like beetroot or pumpkin and let your kids enjoy these vegetables in form of this delicious ice - cream.

So what are you waiting for ??? Go ahead and make this most simple and healthy ice - cream today itself.

Ingredients :

1 cup..................grated gajar ( carrot )
1 cup .................grated dudhi ( bottle gourd )
1 n 1/2 cups ......sugar
1 cup.................milk
1 cup.................milk powder
1cup.................fresh cream
1 tbsp...............gelatine ( soaked in 1/4 cup warm water )
2 tbsp...............cashew and almonds ( coarsely powdered)

Method : 

Steam the grated carrrots and bottlegourd in a pressure cooker just till 2 whistles.
Cool it completely.
Blend milk, milk powder and sugar in a blender.
Add gelatine and blend it well again.
Add whipped fresh cream and keep the mixture in fridge for 1 hour.
Now add the cooled carrot and dudhi and mix well with a fork.
Also add the kaju- badam powder.
Deep freeze it till just hard.
Take it out and beat it with a fork to break the ice crystals formed.
Keep the ice- cream in deep freezer and again after 3 hours beat it with fork to break the ice crystals.
This ensures that the ice cream remains soft .
Enjoy your healthy treat with all.

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  1. that's an interesting combination for an icecream!!!

  2. wow ,never thought could make icecream with veg,looks very interesting.

  3. interesting and delicious combo ice cream.

  4. Luscious and very interesting icecream,quite innovative.

  5. Never ever have I thought that ice cream can be made from vegetables :) Quite an innovation dear !!

  6. Vegetable ice cream..very innovative..excellent

  7. Delicious and full of veggie ice cream, Love it, Thanks for sharing with Hearth and Soul Blog hop.


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