Monday, 23 September 2013

Idly ( For Tamizhar )

I just can't imagine a South Indian person who does't like Idlies and Dosas. It is a must in every South Indian kitchen during breakfasts. Though nowadays I even make a night meal out of it.

Today it is a well known fact that Idlies , Dosas and Uttappams are ranked among the top nutritious breakfast items all over the world.

But though I make them regularly i.e almost once every week , I was very surprised to see that I have yet not posted the recipe. So I thought why not post our all time favorite idlies for today's Tamizhar Samayal

Yes it is the 4th Tuesday and we a group of bloggers have decided to post Tamil recipes on 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month. This lovely event is a brain child of  Nalini Suresh

So here is my Idly recipe for all of you . The addition of cooked rice and rice flakes are a must . They are the main secret of getting very very soft and super fluffy idlies.

 If you do not have an idly maker you can use any greased flat bottom vessel. The taste will be same only you will have to cut the idlies in square shape. Chutneys and Sambhar make a deadly combo with these super soft and delicious idlies.

Ingredients :

2 cups.................... raw rice ( known as boiled or ukdicha rice)
2 cups................... normal rice
1 cup................... urad daal
a fistful  .................cooked rice
1/2 cup.................. rice flakes

Method :

Soak the rice and urad daal separately for 6 hours.

Grind both separately till you get a very smooth paste.

Mix both and keep aside for 5 more hours or more till the batter is fermented and rises.

Add salt and mix well .

The consistency should be that of very thick pakoda batter.

Spoon out the batter in greased or non stick idli maker.

Steam in a pressure cooker for 20 to 25 mintues without pressure.

Serve them hot with any chutney and sambhar.

I served mine with coconut chutney and garlic chutney.

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  1. lovely soft malligai poo idli, thanks a lot for linking it to the wtml event, waiting for more delicious entries from you...

  2. Spongy idlies are just prefect to start my day,such an inviting breakfast.

  3. Perfect idlies :) pure Tamilan recipe :)

  4. love that triangular plate :) so so so soft idli's perfectly made dear :) super yummy breakfast platter !!

  5. மல்லிப்பூ இட்லி, சட்னி பரிமாறல் சூப்பர்.

    1. Thanks Asiya, but I don't understant the language you have written in, hope that it is Tamil. But your feelings are perfectly understood dear....

  6. Perfect idly is always bliss, you done very well Nayna.

  7. Thank you all for such lovely comments, glad you all liked it....

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