Thursday, 28 November 2013

Apple Kiwi Smoothie

When the sweet juicy apples combine with the tangy sour Kiwi what you get is this  heavenly delicious smoothie . This smoothie instantly refreshes you and gives the packed energy required for starting your day.

So what are you waiting for ? Try out this simple yummy smoothie for breakfast . It will give you the much needed boost to deal with for the entire day.

By now you all must be aware that we , a group of blogger friends post Vegan entries on every first and last thursday . So I have made this smoothie as my today's entry for the Vegan Thursdays an event started by priya .

Ingredients :

2 ....................big juicy apples
sugar if needed

Method :

Wash and cube the apples keeping the skin on.

Peel the Kiwi and cube it.

Now in a processor add both the fruits and make a smoothie.

You can add sugar if you want.

If the smoothie is too thick add water to dilute it.


  1. i've one lone kiwi in my pantry which nobody wants to eat... let me do this tonight...

  2. wow.. I love the tangy flavor offered by Kiwi.. I believe this might be a very good combi to go with

  3. That is a good start for the day and smoothie looks delicious!

  4. Apple kiwi smoothie looks delicious Nayana

  5. smoothie looks delicious and refreshing.neat presentation


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