Thursday, 2 May 2013

Thechleli Tendli Lasun Talasan ( Gherkins and Garlic Vegetable) and Announcing Vegan Thursdays

We a group of food bloggers started a new event and named it as "Vegan Thursday", This event starts from today .The main  motto of this event is to share vegan dishes from any cuisine. 

Most of our Indian foods is  vegan . Obviously most of our daily routine foods we make and eat is vegan without our knowledge.

Vegan food is prepared without the use of dairy products, eggs, and any animal derived substances like honey .So we a bunch of food bloggers will be showcasing our vegan foods during thursday's this event will be held twice a month. 

We will be posting the first week's Thursday and last week's Thursday of every month .

This vegan Thursday  don't have any theme and the choice of recipes prepared by each blogger being part of this event depends  upon their choice.

Anyone interesting in joining us please leave your email id in the comment section and we will contact you.

Any one , Interested in joining please refer priyaeasyntastyrecipes and send her your email id.

Today am starting  this thursday with a simple sabji made of gherkins (tendli) Today's recipe is totally vegan and free from any animal product . Hope you like it .

Tendli or gherkins is a tasty vegetable and can be prepared in many ways. But I like it best with minimum spices .

This tendli fry is one of the simplest dishes the only time consuming part being the crushing of the tendli. This process ensures that the taste of garlic is well infused with the vegetable and the result is very yummy.

Have this with simple daal chawal and enjoy the meal.

Ingredients :

1/2 kg..................Tendli
10 to 15 ...............garlic cloves
1 tsp...................chilly powder
1/2 tsp.................turmeric powder
2 to 3 tbsp .............oil

Method :

Wash the tendli and crush it a bit by crushing stone on Khalbatta.
Also crush the garlic .

Heat oil in non stick pan and add the the crushed garlic.
When it becomes crisp and golden brown add the crushed tendli.
Add chilly , turmeric and salt .
Keep the gas on medium flame and keep on stirring occasionally .
Cood without covering the pan with a lid.
Normally this talasan requires the use of more oil, but I have used non stick pan and so
used much less oil than it requires.
Serve with daal rice of chapaties .

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  1. Yummy dish..
    I miss tendli here .not available in Brazil

  2. Thanks for joining Nayana, this dish is very different from usual stir fry with ivygourd.Beautifully done.

  3. very nice recipe... n using mortor n pestle for brinjal s new to me n nice idea too...

  4. Very new recipe to me for try. Yummy and mouthwatering dish.

    today's post:

  5. very interesting and yummy recipe...looks truly inviting..thanks for joining us in Vegan Thursday!

  6. New recipe to me... That's a easy process


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