Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Steamed Jackfruit Wheels - For Shhh Cooking Secretly Challenge

From this month I am a member of a very interesting new group called shhh-cooking-secretly-challenge  cook  started by Priya Suresh . In this we are paired with other blogger and we tell the ingredients to each other with which we need to cook. We are not supposed to reveal the ingredients before posting the entry and thats actually very exciting as to each one keeps guessing the ingredients.We are supposed to post out entry between 16th - 18th of every month and till then other then the pair no one else knows that the dish is cooked with which ingredients. Isn't it very interesting. If you too want to join this challenge please check here.  This month I was paired with Hema Vijay  who has a very nice collection in her blog aromatic-cooking  please check her blog for many wonderful recipes. She gave me the ingredients Jackfruit and rice and I decided to make these delicious steamed wheels . They were yummy.

Ingredients :

2 cups .......................rice flour
2 cups........................water
1 tsp............................ghee
200 gm .....................jackfruit (8 -10  individual portions )
1/2 cup.....................fresh scraped coconut
1/4 cup....................sugar ( if needed)

Method :

Discard the seeds of jackfruit and chop them finely.

In a vessel add little ghee and roast the scraped coconut.

Now add sugar to it and when it starts melting switch off the gas.

Add the chopped jackfruit and mix well and keep aside.

Now boil water in a pan with ghee and salt .

When it starts boiling add rice flour and mix both very well.

Switch off the gas and keep the pan covered for 15 minutes.

When the mixture is still warm knead it carefully to a semi soft dough.

Make 3 to 4 balls of this dough.

Roll each ball into a round of 8 inches diameter.

Spread the above mixture of jackfruit evenly on this rolled chapati and make a roll.

Steam this roll in a idli maker or even a cooker without keeping the pressure.

Steam for 20 to 25 minutes.

When cool cut into wheels .

While serving make them little warm in oven and serve with a spoonfull of ghee.

We also have a very cute logo for this event made by Divya . Thanks Divya for making such a wonderful logo for all of us.


  1. wow... these look really wonderful dear...

  2. Wow....amazing jack fruit wheels Nayana, nobody can guessed it before..........yummy and must be very delicious.

  3. interesting and very innovative wheels.. so healthy snack

  4. this is sucha n interestign event !!! loved it..and this recipe is even soo interesitng, Nayna. very creative. liked the way u rolled the thing up and cut. was it me..i wud have just stuffed it in as balls . shud try this..

  5. Incredible job Nayana, trust me i never thought that we can do this much interesting dish with jackfruit, u rock.

  6. G'day! This looks wonderful! I wish I cound come through the screen and try some now!
    Congrats on completing Priya's challenge this month too!
    Cheers! Joanne

  7. Very innovative!! Looks yummy :)

  8. Looks so yummy, very unique recipe. love the falovors :)

  9. Looks wonderful & innovative.

  10. Nayana, awesome preparation dear, both the dish and the name, very innovative..

  11. jackfruit rolls are inviting , Nice presentation.

  12. oh what a creative idea ...looks so colorful n so yummy nayana

  13. Innovative... Never thought it is made wt jackfruits... Gr8 yaar...

  14. Thanks a lot to all of you for such lovely n encouraging comments....

  15. Wonderful idea! You have a lovely blog, happy to follow you!

  16. very interesting and wonderful way to have jack fruit....

  17. oh my my it is indeed one treat to eyes and tummy:)


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