Saturday, 15 February 2014

Gaathiya - A Gujrati Farsan ( For ICC )

For  indian-cooking-challenge this month  Srivalli  suggested Gaathiya a very famous Gujarati Farsan a recipe which she got from one of her blogger friends Vaishali  .

As Gathiya was in my to do list since long I was very happy . I had tried making it earlier but never succeeded. Off course I never knew the secret of dry roasting the soda at that time. I think this is a very essential step and you just shouldn't skip this because the result was these soft crunchy melt in the mouth gathiyas.

 Also as I did not have a mould press for gathiya so used our normal chakali press to drop the gathiyas in hot oil . But it did not make any much difference . I just deep fried the long strips and then broke them into pieces. Nevertheless resulting snack was yummy.

Ingredients :

250 gm .......................gram flour ( besan )
1/23 tsp.......................ajwain ( owa )
1 soda
50 gm ......................oil
oil for deep frying

Method :

In a pan dry roast cooking soda for 2  to 3 mintues or till it is almost charred.

Let it cool down completely.

Now add maida, salt and ajwain and mix well .

Add 50 gm oil to it and mix well.

Gradually knead a dough adding water little at a time.

Dough should be semi soft and of the consistency of sev .

Just like a mold press for chakali or sev  we get mold press for gathiya .

Use that and press drop gathias in hot oil and deep fry till done.

In case gathia press in not available you can also use the chakli press which I have used.

Enjoy  these melt in the mouth gathiyas with a hot cup of tea.


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