Sunday, 22 September 2013

Falooda ( for SNC )

Falooda is a very popular North Indian Drink and usually is had along with ice- cream or kulfi. Though traditionally it is made using rose syrup , chia seeds and sevaiyya , you can make it more royal and tasty by adding dry fruits and jelly of your choice. I added blue colored jelly which looked very nice and tasted good too.

My idea of a perfect Sunday night is having some chaat like sev puri or papdi chaat and then ending it with this sinful falooda. So this month when Minnie our this month's host suggested Falooda as a challenge for the South-vs-North- Challenge started by Divya Pramil  I was very pleased because we all love falooda a lot.

 But because of my busy schedule during Ganeshotsav I could not make it. Finally I made it yesterday along with a chaat which I will soon be posting . 

Ingredients : 

1 small pack ......................Falooda Sevaiyya
2 tbsp.................................Chia seeds ( Sabja seeds)
4 to 5 tbsps........................Rooh Afza ( Rose syrup)
4 to 5 - cream ( any variety preferably vanilla)
2 tbsps..............................dry fruits chopped ( almonds, raisins, cashewnuts)
2 cups .............................chilled milk
1 small pack....................jelly ( any variety I used blue colored)

Method : 

Prepare jelly as per the instructions on the packet and chill till set.

Boil water and add sevaiyya to it.

Cook for 5 to 10 minutes till done and cool them completely.

Soak the sabja seeds in 1 cup water .

When they swell keep the cup in fridge and chill.

While assembling falooda take a glass .

 Preferably take a  tall glass but as I didn't have one I used normal size glass.

Put 4 to 5  tablespoon of sevaiyya and sabja seeds in each glass.

Add a tablespoon on  rooh afza .

Pour chilled milk till the glass in 1/3 rd filled.

Now add cut pieces of set jelly and few pieces of dry fruits.

Again pour the milk till glass in 3/4 th.

Top with a scoop of ice cream and sprinkle remaining dry fruits and jelly on top.

Serve immediately before the ice cream melts.


  1. feel like grabbing that glass... yum...

  2. hey dear..firstly, thanks so soo much for ur lovely words on my posts..really appreciate it..seriously !!!! Feels good that we get to know soo many good people around, even if its virtual..we have never met, never talked..but already feels that we know each other so well..feel close :). Warm regards n have a great week ahead, N btw..the falooda luks really tempting yaar.. hugs....

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  4. Falooda looks awesome, wish I could grab it right from here...

  5. A very tempting Falooda.. drooool!


  6. I wont mind to finish that highly tempting falooda..

  7. falooda looks super yummy and am drooling here .. wud love to finish the whole glass :)


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