Monday, 16 June 2014

Oats and Jaggery Chikki

I made this chikki for this month's shhh-cooking-secretly-challenge an event started by Priya Suresh . My Partner for this month is Laxmi Priya and she chose oats and jaggery as my secret ingredients. I used chikki gud ( special variety of jaggery used only to make chikkis and laddoos ) for this. Nuts I used were a mix of walnuts, almonds and cashew nuts but you can add or skip the nuts as per your choice. This is a good option as a sweet treat for all of us . Even kids will find this healthy sweet very tempting.

Ingredients :

2 cup ....................oats
1 cup....................shredded jaggery ( used for chikki)
1/4 currants
1/4 cup.................candied orange peels
1/2 cup................mixed nuts ( crushed coarsely )
1 tsp..................ghee

Method :

Heat the shredded jaggery in a thick bottom pan with ghee.

The jaggery will first melt and then start bubbling.

Keep a bowl with cold water and drop very little bubbling jaggery in this bowl.

Try gathering the jaggery in bowl and form a ball.

Hit this hardned ball of jaggery on kitchen platform.

If it makes noise like you have hit a stone then the jaggery syrup is ready for use.

Now add all the above things and mix really well.

Immediately pour this on a well greased tray.

Take a greased knife and cut the chikki into desired shapes.

Let the chikki cool completely.

Then separate it and store in a plastic container.

If it becomes difficult to remove the chikki from the tray just hold the tray for a minute on medium flame.

The chikki now can easily be removed.


  1. What a awesome chikki. Love it.

  2. Mindblowing, wish i get a chance to munch some chikkis..Soo beautiful and unique creation.

  3. Innovative.... Looks too good...

  4. Wow!!! Innovative & yummy chikkis!!


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