Thursday, 5 December 2013

Kokam On the Rocks ( Kokam Mocktail )

Mocktails have a very special place in parties and this kokam mocktail is one which is very easy to make., Kokam is a very effective coolant and anti acidic in nature . So having this mocktain in summer serves both the purposes , entertaining your guests in a grand style and also giving them a healthy and guiltfree drink. This refreshing drink will surely win your heats and you will make it again and again.

Ingredients :

1/2 cup.....................concentrated Kokam juice ( without sugar)
4 glasses .......... Sprite
2 tbsp.................chia seeds ( sabja seeds )
1 tsp...................pepper powder / cumin powder
6 tbsp.................powdered sugar.

Method :

Soak the chia seeds in 1/2 cup water.

Within 10 minutes they will aborb water and swell up.

Dissolve sugar in the kokam concentrate .

Add chia seeds and the pepper or cumin powder to it and chill it till further use.

While serving mix 1/4 of this chilled concentrate with 3/4 of sprite and serve.


  1. what is kokam?? never heard of it! but drink looks detectable :)

    1. Hi Shweet Spicess, happy that you liked it , read more about kokam here

  2. At our native kokum tree is there, My MIL always prepares the concentrate for a year n preserves it.. I love this drink.. well made

  3. Love kokam a lot....Nice refreshing....loved every bit of it....yum yum yum..
    Link in my event and 2 giveaways

  4. I love kokum I think it is one of the most refreshing and tasty juice after guava juice. I have tried making a similar drink wil KDD Harvest’s guava juice – using chia seeds, pepper powder and a lil bit of lemon juice. Thanks for sharing this recipe : )


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