Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Beet N Pomegranate Smoothie

Eating boiled beetroot is a very painful experience for my son who has decided that he just doesn't like beet. And so to make him eat this wonderful root vegetable I am always in search of recipes where I can hide this beet in a delicious way.

Pomegranate is one fruit which he loves and so while making a juice I just add a bit of boiled beet to this smoothie. Using little lemon juice enhances the nutruitional value and also the taste. Just try and see the difference .

 Adding vegetable not only makes the juice or smoothie tasty but also gives you a healthy start for your day ahead .  Having them for breakfast refreshes you too.

Also added some chia seeds also known as  ( sabja seeds ) or ( tukmaria seeds ).

Ingredients :

2 cup  .................pomegranate seeds
1 small.................beetroot boiled n peeled
1 tsp....................chia seeds ( sabja seeds)
1/2 .......................lemon ( squeeze out the juice )

Method :

Soak the chia seeds in half cup water and let them swell.

Boil the beetroot and remove the skin.

Grate it or chop it finely.

Now grind both pomegranate seeds and beetroot in a mixer.

Add the lemon juice .

Do not strain just grind it to a very smooth paste.

Add soaked chia seeds and again grind for just 5 seconds,

Add water as needed.


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