Friday, 11 October 2013

Pear and Pomegranate Shake ( For C C Challenge )

Hi all ,

I am super excited to post the very first dish for Cooking From The Cookbook ( CC ) Challenge .

 And just don't believe my luck that yesterday I recieved a book Burgers & Smoothies from Gayathri  as a winning prize for her WTML ( walk-through-memory-lane) event for my dish idli-burgers-with-moong-cutlets . Thanks a lot Gayathri for such a lovely book.

Coming back to this lovely CC challenge - it is started by a well known blogger Srivalli   and if interested you can get more information from here . This challenge is all about cooking from a cookbook or handwritten notes.

I have a really huge drawer full of various cookbooks and handwritten diaries and bound books containing xerox of newspaper and magazine cuttings . So I found this as a great way to use all my notes and cookbooks .Hence decided not to lose this opportunity.

So when one more lovely book - Burgers & Smoothies ( from Tarla Dalal ) was addend to my collection I couldn't resist myself and immediately made this lovely smoothie from pomegranate and pear as luckily I had both the fruits ready in my house.

Ingredients :

1 ...................Pear
1/2cup ............chilled milk
1/2 cup ...........chilled fresh thick curds
2 tsp................sugar

Method :

Peel the pomegranate and separate the seeds and chill them in fridge.

Also chill the pear , cut it remove the seeds and roughly chop it in pieces along with the skin.

Now blend everything in a mixer till smooth.

You can add more milk if the smoothie is too thick.

Serve chilled .


  1. Delicious and refreshing drink .

  2. wow.. congrats...a tempting shake :)

  3. wow wow very very delicious combo and yummy drink :)

  4. Interesting combo for a milk shake.

  5. So good that you got another book added..:) we can expect more from all those books..nice drink..

  6. You are patient aren't you? Separate seeds and then blend? I am too lazy but the smoothie looks tempting

  7. Would love to finish that glass of delicious shake..

  8. Awesome recipe so yummy I am loving it. Will try it too.


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