Thursday, 4 October 2012

Strawberry Gelato

In desserts I just love souffles , mousses and recently gelatos . And if those desserts are chocolate or strawberry flavoured nothing like it.
They are not only very very simple to make  but also look very presentable and impressive.
Reading the name you may think this dessert is very complicated to make. But when you read the recipe you will believe me.
I made this strawberry gelato for the guests last week .

Ingredients :

2...........................Strawberry jelly packets
2........................small packs of fresh cream (Rich brand)

Method :

                                    Make strawberry jelly according to the instructions on the packet.
                                          Just take care to add  1 cup less water per jelly packet .
                                                       Cool it and let it set in the fridge.

                                                 Whip the fresh cream till stiff.

                             Take out the set jelly from the fridge and add the whipped cream in it.
                                      Go on beating till both jelly and cream are mixed properly.
                                       Put the mixture in icrecream box and set it in the freezer section.
                         When the mixture is set take it out and beat it again to prevent ice crystal formation.
                                              Repeat the setting and beating process once more.
                                            Finally set it and after 2 to 3 hours your gelato is ready.


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