Friday, 20 December 2013

Rajasthani Mini Ghevar

For the south-vs-north-challenge   group started by Divya Pramil  this is a celebration  month and we the members are posting the recipes we have missed .

Since few days back I posted a delcious recipe of    green-peas-kachori-with-dum-aloo  by   Sanoli Ghosh    so today I decided to chose this Rajasthani sweet Ghevar which was challenged by Manjula of Desi Fiesta in the month of January . As I was not a member that time I did not get the chance to make this delicious sweet. So decided to grab the opportunity and try out this sweet for celebration month.

 Though at first I thought that the recipe was very complicated and tricky I must admit that Manjula has explained it in such details that if you follow all the instructions by her you will never go wrong. These ghevars though need lot of patience while frying as they are very fragile and careless mishandling will yield you nothing but pieces of ghevars which too were equally tasty.

The only different thing that I have done is adding ice cubes while whisking the ghee. I also added some milk and reduced water by that much amount. This tip I read in  a blog by a well known chef  Sanjay Thumma .  I find this blog very helpful and the tips given by him have never ever failed me.

The end result was just mind blowing and I was mighty satisfied at myself for successfully recreating this delicate sweet.

Ingredients :

5 tbsp.....................maida
1 tbsp...................solid ghee ( used homemade)
2 cubes
1/2 cup ...............milk
1/4 cup..............water
few drops.............liquid saffron essence
oil or ghee for deep frying

For the sugar syrup :

2 cups ..................sugar
3/4 cup ..............water
1/4 tsp.................cardamom powder

Boil sugar and water till the mixture is semi thick ( 1 string consistency ) . Sprinkle cardamom powder and keep the syrup aside.

For Garnish :

few.....................almond slivers
few....................pistachio slivers
1/2 tsp..............crushed cardaomoms
edible silver foil

Method :

In a vessel take 1 tbsp solid ghee and add to it 2 ice cubes.

Now with your hands mix both very well for five minutes.

The ice cubes will melt and mixture will become very white and fluffy.

Now start mixing maida in this ghee one spoon at a time along with some milk.

Keep on mixing with your hands.

At first it may seem that the mixture is curdling , but don't worry.

Keep on mixing to avoid lump formation.

When all the maida and milk is over you will get smooth mixture like that of pancake batter.

Now add water 1 tsp at a time to get pouring consistency .

Take a tall vessel and fill it 1/4 with oil or ghee.

When the ghee is smoking hot pour a ladle full of the batter from as high as possible.

It will fall in ghee and spread out to the sides of the vessel.

Pour till the surface of vessel is covered with batter.

Lower the flames and fry till golden in color and crisp.

Now slowly and very carefully  lift the ghevar with a skewer and let the ghee drain out .

Then dip it gently in sugar syrup.

Spoon some syrup of top of the ghevar without turning it.

These ghevars are very delicate and may crumble while turning.

After few minutes take them out of the syrup carefully with a large perforated spoon.

Lay them on plate and spread the edible silver foil on top.

Garnish them with almond and pistachio slivers.

Serve these melt in mouth ghevars to all your near and dear ones.


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