Sunday, 20 June 2021

Bhajani Thalipith ( भाजणीचं थालीपीठ )

Bhajaniche Thalipith is a famous traditional Maharashtrian dish usually made for breakfast . But this healthy and filling dish also makes a wonderful one meal menu . 

It basically looks like a thick pancake . We can add our choice of grated vegetables , chopped onions  and alter the taste as per our liking . 

The main flavour is of roasted mix of various flours known as bhajaniche pith . This bhajani pith is readily available in Maharashtra at any grocery store or a Food mall . But some prefer to make this at home . 

So for those who are interested in making this flour at home or for them who are staying where this flour is not easily available please click on this link for the recipe of bhajani pith . 


2 cups - bhajani pith 

1- onion finely chopped 

1/2 cup - grated carrot 

1/2 cup - grated cabbage 

2 - green chillies finely chopped

fistful - fresh coriander leaves finely chopped

1 tsp - chilly powder 

2 tsp - grated jaggery 

salt to taste 

oil for smearing the pan 


Mix all the above ingredients except oil . 

The mixture should be much thicker than idli or pakoda batter but much softer than chapati dough . 

Now heat the non stick tawa or a flat pan . 

Smear it nicely with oil . 

Take handful of this batter and directly spread on the tawa carefully with your hand . 

For even spreading dip your hand in water and then keep on pressing the batter on tawa on all sides in circular motion . 

Add a tsp of oil on top and sideways of thalipith and cover it with a lid . 

Cook for 3/4 minutes on slow to medium flame on one side and then flip it carefully .  

Cook the other side too without keeping the lid . 

Serve hot with homemade butter , green chutney , ketchup or onion curd raita .

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