Monday, 4 June 2018


The simple looking kurmure also known as puffed rice are used to make various preparations ....
One of the most popular preparation being the world famous Bhel ....
But today I am going to write about one more equally popular Kolhapuri speciality  called Bhadang .
The addition of very few ingredients transforms the taste of these kurmure making them mouth watering and irresistible .....
This crunchy snack is low in calories and can be relished guilt free by weight watchers too ....

Ingredients : 

100 gm - puffed rice
10-15 garlic cloved ( peeled and slightly crushed )
5 tbsp - plain groundnuts
2 tbsp - chilli pd
1/4 tsp - turmeric pd
2/3 tbsp - oil
salt as per taste

Method : 

Heat oil in a kadhai and when hot add crushed garlic.

When the garlic becomes slightly brown in colour add groundnuts .

Stir till the groundnuts become golden red in colour .

Now add kurmure along with chilli pd , turmeric pd and salt .

Mix very well and keep on slow flame till the kurmure become crunchy.

Remove from fire cool the bhadang and store in air tight dabba .

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